Business profile

The Auto Partner Group is a dynamically developing importer and distributor of spare parts for cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles. It operates as a sales and logistics platform managing just-in-time deliveries of spare parts to geographically dispersed customers and providing its services mainly to repair shops and automotive retailers. Its product portfolio includes spare parts for car systems, parts and accessories for motorcycles, filters, oils, car chemicals and accessories.

116branch offices in Poland
30countries served
160000m² of storage space

The Auto Partner Group’s customers are mainly repair shops and automotive retailers. It sells products offered by over 350 suppliers. The high level of business process computerisation, sales via electronic ordering, computerised supply logistics and an extensive car fleet enable it to deliver parts directly to customers 3-5 times a day.

Auto Partner is supported by integrated IT tools managing the whole supply network and logistic infrastructure consisting of:

  • a logistics and distribution centre in Bieruń – 52 thousand m²,
  • a logistics and distribution centre in Pruszków – 12.5 thousand m²,
  • a logistics and distribution centre in Poznań – 13.5 thousand m²,
  • a warehouse in Mysłowice – 24 thousand m²,
  • two warehouses in Prague (the Czech Republic) – 1,2 m²,
  • a chain of over 110 branch offices with additional 57 thousand m² of storage area.

The Auto Partner Group’s products are delivered to customers throughout Europe. Auto Partner cooperates with over 350 suppliers of aftermarket spare parts and global OEM distributors. The Group’s product portfolio consists of nearly 250,000 references. It sells products of reputed global brands such as: Bosch, Castrol, Continental, Febi, Textar, Valeo, MEYLE, ZF Aftermarket and Schaeffler. It is also an exclusive distributor of the RYMEC, Unior, Triscan, ALCO, NK, Meteor, Quaro, ROOKS and Bovez brands, as well as its own brand – MaXgear.


Recognising the growing importance of repair shops, the Auto Partner Group has developed a wide range of solutions supporting this market segment. One of them is MaXserwis, a programme aimed at creating a chain of independent repair shops. It involves preferential discounts, lease of workshop equipment, participation in technical training and conferences. Currently, the MaXserwis chain comprises more than 350 repair shops.

Own brand MaXgear

Established in 2006, the MaXgear brand is one of the largest own brands on the aftermarket. Its product portfolio includes over 35,000 types of spare parts and the brand is present in the global TecDoc database. It offers products within 11 main categories: suspension and steering, drive, engine, suspension, electrics, brakes, filters, air conditioning system, cooling system, chemicals and car cosmetics, as well as accessories. Sales of MaXgear products account for approximately 17% of total sales of major brands supplied by Auto Partner.

Business model


Business model

The Group's business model is to operate as a sales platform for a wide range of spare parts and as a logistics entity providing fast supplies of ordered goods.


The Group owns well-developed logistics infrastructure – both in the form of warehouses and branch offices, as well as transport and IT infrastructure, which make it possible to outsource the services of auto parts warehousing while enabling just-in-time deliveries directly to customers.


The Group manages a wide range of products, including its own MaXgear brand. It is also an exclusive distributor of the Quaro, ROOKS, Bovez, RYMEC, Unior, Triscan, ALCO, NK and Meteor brands.


The main customers for services and products offered by the Auto Partner Group are repair shops and speciality garages. The third segment includes non-specialised repair entities and retailers.

Orders and deliveries

A dispersed base of customers across Poland and in foreign markets requires a customised logistics system that guarantees deliveries several times a day. In order to fill customer orders according to the Group’s standards, goods are delivered through more than 700 local routes, and are dispatched 2 to 10 times a day.



Further increase in the scale of operations

Increase in the scale of operations e.g. through development and improvement of the distribution network: creation of new branch offices and regional logistics and distribution centres (used also for serving selected foreign markets), as well as expansion of sales in foreign countries

Further product diversification

Product diversification by expanding the range of spare parts offered by the Group.

Further increase in profitability

Further increase in profitability e.g. through introduction of new own brands available at different prices, including those from the premium segment; increase in the scale of operations, improvement and development of IT solutions (allowing effective cost control).

Expansion of sales on foreign markets

Expansion of sales on foreign markets

Mission and vision

We aim at providing customers with the maximum selection of spare parts from around the world and delivering them within the shortest possible time.

  1. We want to be a leader of change in the spare parts distribution sector.
  2. We strive to be among the best computerised suppliers of parts on the European market.
  3. We want to develop faster than the market through expansion of sales in foreign countries and roll-out of new products.


Aleksander Górecki

President of the Management Board

Founder of the Company. A graduate of the Maritime University. He entered the automotive sector in 1993 founding the Auto Partner company in Katowice which initially employed three workers. The dynamic development of the company started when he took a decision to move the office to Tychy and subsequently to Bieruń, what resulted in erecting larger and larger warehouses.

Andrzej Manowski

Vice-president of the Management Board

He’s been associated with the Auto Partner company practically since its very beginning (precisely since 1994) and since 2007 has acted as the Vice-president of the Management Board. As the Vice-president he is in charge of coordination and optimisation of company’s business activity and supervision of IT systems.

Piotr Janta

Vice-president of the Management Board

He has been the Sales Director since 2009 and is in charge of supervision and development of the sales network. He gained his experience in automotive spare parts distribution during years 2005-2009 as a sales representative and then promoted to different posts until he became a sales director.

Tomasz Werbiński

Member of the Management Board

He holds a university degree. He graduated from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics with a master's degree in Finance and Accounting, specializing in investment banking, and Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems, specializing in decision analysis methods. Furthermore, he holds a Securities Broker's licence with investment advisory qualification (no. 2369).

The Supervisory Board

The Members of the Supervisory Board meeting the criteria of independence arising from the Best Practices of GPW Listed Companies and the Articles of Association are Bogumił Kamiński, Bogumił Woźny, Jarosław Plisz, and Mateusz Melich.


  • 1993

    Establishment of Auto Partner.
    Employment: 3 people.
    The first office was located in Katowice and had approx. 200 m² of storage space.
  • 1998-1999

    Construction of a new office in Tychy.
    Employment: around 50 people.
    Storage space: 1,200 m².
  • 2002

    The partnership was transformed into a limited liability company.
  • 2003

    The first three Auto Partner branch offices were operating in Poland.
  • 2005

    Opening of another three branch offices.
  • 2006

    Introduction of the own brand MaXgear.
    New office and warehouse in Bieruń.
    Employment: around 500 people.
    Storage space: 3,500 m².
  • 2008

    16 operating Auto Partner branch offices.
    Sales representative offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
    Corporate transformation of MaXgear and establishment of the Group.
  • 2012

    Further development of the company.
    23 branch offices in Poland.
  • 2014

    New distribution centre with a fully automated warehouse.
    50 operating branch offices.
    Employment: 1,000 people.
    Storage space: 20,000 m².
  • 2015

    Enlargement of the central warehouse by 5,000 m².
  • 2016

    IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
    Joining the GlobalOne alliance.
  • 2017

    Opening of the new logistics and distribution centre in Pruszków.
    Employment: nearly 1,200 people.
    Total storage space in Poland: 85,000 m².
    70 operating branch offices.
  • 2018

    Rebranding process.
  • 2019

    Enlargement of the distribution centre in Bieruń to nearly 40,000 m².
    Employment: around 1,600 people.
    Total storage space in Poland: nearly 100,000 m².
    90 operating branch offices.
  • Currently

    Employment: more than 2,700 people.
    Total storage space in Poland: over 160,000 m².
    Over 110 operating branch offices.