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Reference price: PLN
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Analyst recommendations

Date Institution Recommendation Price target Price on recommendation date
11.04.2023 Wood & Company Buy PLN 23.00 PLN 18.30
13.12.2022 DM Trigon SA Buy PLN 18.60 PLN 13.14
22.07.2022 DM Trigon SA Buy PLN 19.50 PLN 12.16
30.06.2021 Santander DM Buy PLN 16.50 PLN 11.20
27.04.2021 DM Trigon SA Buy PLN 13.38 PLN 10.01
26.03.2021 Santander DM Buy PLN 13.30 PLN 9.28
10.12.2020 DM Trigon SA Buy PLN 10.50 PLN 7.58
13.11.2020 Santander DM Buy PLN 12.20 PLN 7.60
19.05.2020 Santander DM Buy PLN 8.50 PLN 4.93
7.04.2020 Santander Buy PLN 8.50 PLN 3.73
5.03.2020 Santander Buy PLN 8.50 PLN 5.22
7.02.2020 Santander Buy PLN 7.50 PLN 5.28
21.11.2019 Santander Buy PLN 7.50 PLN 4.55
9.07.2019 Santander Buy PLN 8.90 PLN 5.02
9.11.2018 Santander Buy PLN 8.80 PLN 3.68
1.02.2018 Santander Buy PLN 7.20 PLN 4.88
25.01.2018 Santander Buy PLN 7.20 PLN 4.92
22.11.2017 Santander Buy PLN 7.70 PLN 4.92
2.06.2017 Santander Buy PLN 7.60 PLN 5.70
23.11.2016 BM BGŻ BNP Paribas SABM BGŻ BNP Paribas SA Buy PLN 4.96 PLN 4.19
9.09.2016 Trigon DM SA Buy PLN 4.70 PLN 4.03
The above table is an extract from investment recommendations prepared by brokerage houses and cannot be construed as an element of any invitation or offer to sell any securities, or an incentive to make an investment, carry out a transaction or submit an offer to purchase such securities, or a recommendation to enter into any transaction, involving in particular the company’s securities. AUTO PARTNER S.A. shall not be held liable for the consequences of any decisions made in reliance on information contained herein.


⇒ Total transaction value: PLN 85.4m (gross amount) (issue price: PLN 2.2)
⇒ Total proceeds raised through the issue of new shares: PLN 50.6m (gross amount)
Issue objectives:: increase the scale of business, further diversify product mix and enhance profit margins

⇒ Total number of Offer Shares allotted: 38,806,872

⇒ Total number of new shares allotted (New Shares): 23,000,000
⇒ Total number of existing registered shares allotted (Sale Shares): 15,806,872

⇒ Allotment structure in the case of Offer Shares:

⇒ Share of institutional investors in the total number of shares allotted: 91,5%
⇒ Share of retail investors in the total number of shares allotted: 8,5%

⇒ Rate of reduction applied in the Retail Offering: 39,77%

⇒ Shares of new investors in the shareholding structure: 33%

⇒ Lock up period:

540 days for the major shareholders (Aleksander i Katarzyna Góreccy)
340 days for the other shareholders