Rules of Corporate Governance

Auto Partner SA, recognizing values of the principles set out in the Best Practices and their role in strengthening the transparency of listed companies, exercises due diligence in conducting corporate, investor and contractual relations in accordance with these principles.

Corporate governance is a collection of rules for companies’ governing bodies and members of the bodies of these companies – the Supervisory Board, the Management Board and shareholders. The corporate governance rules are included in the document "Best Practices of Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, 2016", accepted by the Stock Exchange Council resolution on October 13th, 2015. The rules came into effect as of January 1st, 2016. In accordance with the applicable disclosure rules, the Company reports compliance with the corporate governance rules in parallel with the annual reports since 2016.

The Statutory Auditor

The Supervisory Board is responsible for appointing a certified statutory auditor to audit the Company's financial statements.

Due to the fact that the Supervisory Board is composed of 5 members, according to Article 86 paragraph 3 of the Act on Statutory Auditors, it was mandated the tasks of the audit committee.

According to Article 86 paragraph 7 of the Act on Statutory Auditors, the tasks of the audit committee to be performed by the Supervisory Board include in particular: (i) monitoring the financial reporting process, (ii) monitoring the effectiveness of internal control, internal audit and risk management systems, (iii) monitoring the performance of the audit; and (iv) monitoring the independence of the statutory auditor and the entity authorized to audit financial statements.

A person who meets the requirements referred to in Article 86 paragraph 4 of the Act on Statutory Auditors ( i.e. the criteria of independence and possessing the relevant qualifications in accounting or auditing) and the criteria of independence arising from the Best Practices of GPW Listed Companies and the articles of association is Bogumił Kamiński. The second member of the Supervisory Board meeting the criteria of independence referred to in the Act on Statutory Auditors and the Best Practices of GPW Listed Companies, and the articles of association is Bogumił Woźny.